365 Days..

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...Until January 22, 2011!!!

Seriously nobody cares how many days until whatever your doing. Ever notice that? People who insist on putting "X days" as a status update, tweet, or MSN name? It's so stupid, thank God it hasn't spread to BBM yet. The only reason why your doing it is because you want someone to say "OMG X days until what??!?" please, everyone stop being stupid.

On another note...

They really don't need to make a "Rockband 3" game disc. There isn't a whole lot they can improve on that would justify another $70 disc. Although a nice 70-song track pack would be amazing. That article got me excited though, houses of holy background? Led-Zeppelin in a music entertainment game would be epic.

Possible Rockband 3 confirmations. [Kotaku]

Marketing/Advertising people of tomorrow! THESE are amazing! If I was When I'm the CEO of a huge company, and someone was to... drop these off, not only would I hire them, I would hang on to the business card forever! These make amazing leave-behind self promotional stuff.

Sweet Business Cards [OhGizmo!]

New Ryan Reynolds movie in the works. I don't care what it's about, as long as Ryan Reynolds is in it. I'll go see it. He better be playing Baird in the upcoming Gears of War movie that's supposed to come out... someday.

In a Box Trailer [IWatchStuff]

Ever been on Youtube, and you find video clip of a movie that, you would really like to just have on your computer? Well I have a solution. It's really simple too. Thanks to Gizmodo.

Download Youtube clips [Gizmodo]

If you have any suggestions for the blog, post em! Looking for a good direction to go in to increase the traffic on here.

The Future is upon us!!

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Finally we're going to have transparent displays like the movie minority report. Pre-crime is gonna be sweet.

So it's 2010, and only 5 more years until flying cars, hover boards, and automatic tying laces. I can't wait!!

We bid you farewell 2009! Along with it your best fails of 2009