Talkin' Bout My Generation!

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Work work work. That's all I do these days.

I work for a video game store and that's probley the least thing I do. Play video games. I find time to play MW2 maybe once or twice a week after work or between school breaks from work. Meh, life isn't about video games. It's about cake. Delicious cake. Too bad the cakes a lie, and it REALLY actually about Pie. We all know Pie is greater than cake.

Communication presentation today... Totally winging it. I love just going up there and bullshitting my way to get a good mark. Thank god I have golden street smarts. Without em I don't think I'd get anywhere in this world. Remember kids, it's not "What you know" it's "Who you know" that counts. All that "if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything" is a load of garbage. "if you know somebody upstairs, your set."

Know what I hate? People who meddle in my affairs!! Arrrggh!!

What the hell. Hopefully this works out. [Are you happy now Krista-Lee? Lawls]

Semester 1 is wrapping up. Here's to hoping all goes well.

Socially Unproductive

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Oh man. So much has happened since my last post!

Work has been going in the right direction for once. Everyone is doing their part and the store is rising in rankings, eventually we'll be a high-volume store. We would already be one if previous managers weren't clinically retarded.

So Modern Warfare 2 is out. DID YOU BUY IT? Game did $310 Million in 24 hours. That's more than any movie, music, or game ever released. Gotta hand it to Infinity Ward, they set the bar with Call of Duty 4. Then met and raised it with Modern Warfare 2. The story line continues pretty much right where you left off. Multiplayer is for the most part the same with some fine tuning, I really like how they made Perks this time around so versitile. It's actually a hard decsion when you have to choose your perks, where in COD4 it was pretty much: Claymores/Stopping Power(or UAV Jammer)/Last Stand. Each perk is very useful and unique!

Pretty boring weekend just passed. Everybody bails! Friday I was supposed go to a Friend's birthday party in Hamilton. Didn't pan out because I got called into doing some extra work stuff. Kinda sucks because I haven't seen Hope since high school. I need to make it up to her, go there and see her, maybe when Christmas break hits. Saturday I was supposed to take Amber out for drinks and some other fun stuff. Her story changed within a day, kinda sketchy. I mean how do you get "last minute" birthday plans. Birthday plans are usually made well in advance! Oh well, too bad so sad. Went out for a beer with Cort yesterday, got caught up in a lot of stuff, personal and work stuff. Funny guy, really need to hang out with him more often.

So here's something crazy. Krista-Lee, the girl I really liked and hung out with frequently during the Summer, who started to like me back but was in a relationship so decided to shut me out. Decided to give me a shout the other night. Yes, she broke up with her boyfriend. Honestly though, those feelings aren't really there like they used to be. Although I want to be her friend again, we definitely had some good times.

Vinny and Dayla are having relationship issues, and I'm stuck in the middle. It's so frustrating to be in the middle, seriously. I hear the same damn story twice. I just really wish they would patch things up. They're meant for each other but if it's going to work, they're both going to have to make some changes if they want it to last.

Here's to hoping I win the lottery or Jingle Bell rock tickets!