Un mio ottimo amico

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Been so confused lately...

Midterms are over this week. (thank god) I did horrible on Economics. Inventory and Computers shouldn't be an issue and I have yet to do Purchasing (tomorrow) and Communications (Friday). Seeing how Purchasing is all true/false and multiple choice guess and our proff gave us all the answers to study with!

Last week we're the Casby awards and I want to upload pictures but I'm still waiting on a few from the digital camera I used, as soon as I get those pictures I'll upload everything, promise!

As for the awards, they we're really fun. Good sound by the Arkells, ill Scarlet, Metic, Mother Mother, and The Stills. All my style of music so I really enjoyed myself. The Koolhaus was a pretty neat place too, however I really regret predrinking somewhere earlier, the drinks we're very overpriced. Almost $8 for a CAN of Molsen Canadian, crazy. Overall, really good turn out.

On a side note, I'm getting really good at sniping in Call of Duty, just getting more and more stoked for the sequel next month. Apparently everyone's going to a club tonight with a 80s & 90s theme. I'm still not sure if I'm going.

Audible Sigh.

So much going on in November. People's Birthdays, Modern Warfare 2, New Weezer Album, New Foo Fighters Album. Looking forward to all of it!

Weddings Weddings Weddings

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Yes. Weddings.

Stephanie and Adrian are officially hitched!! As of right now they are in Hawaii enjoying they're honeymoon together.

I has a really great time, I'd have to say the most fun was the receiving line at the beginning, doing shots with everyone that was attending left me a little
woozy afterward, but I pulled through, didn't even get sick or anything.

Video attached is the dove release they did after the ceremony. Pretty neat, never seen one of those up close.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 yesterday, and seriously, if you haven't seen those movies, you must watch them back to back. I never had that luxury when I watched them in theater's... I really need to go see Zombie Land, and I want to take Marita to see Where the Wild Things are, apparently it's a really good redux of the original book, which is shocking because most remakes are absolute shit these days.

Casbys this week. Thursday!!! So stoked. Gonna try and get there as early as possible, need to get some sweet seats.

Really don't got much else to report. That's it for now.

Oh one more thing, don't give people your folded/crumpled money, it's so damn rude. So annoying...

Wedding Bells

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Rehearsal dinner tonight.

Went to the church first, and I gotta say, whatever happened to just getting married in a Catholic church? Seriously, there's so many stupid rules and regulations. For example, one of Adrian's relatives was going to say a passage from the bible, but one of the church...staff? Found out that they weren't baptized in a Catholic church and dis-allowed her to read the passage. That's some bullshit right there, I mean, come on really? I got really annoyed when the staff kept saying it was sacred, and it would ruin the sanctity of the church. Get real lady, you know what destroys the sanctity of the church? Suggesting what people should donate.

Anyway, we went to "
Fish House" after for dinner with the bride and grooms parents, and the bridle party. Really cool place if your into seafood, it was a set menu, I was tempted to get ribs, but I figured, when do I really get the opportunity to have Halibut anyway?

The bridle party was given gifts after dinner, every Groomsman got the same thing. A tie, and cuff-links, however the cuffs had our initials engraved in them. Pretty sweet deal.

Anywho, Stats test tomorrow, gotta get some rest!

Video from Friday

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Here's the video I took when Bookie got the call from Dave Grohl. Look forward to them being back!

I love Queens of the Stone Age.

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Title self-explanatory.

Yesterday was interesting. Went to BP with Marita. We got "pizza bread" for an appetizer, now really? Why don't they just call that shit "Cheese Pizza" because that's what it was. $6.99 for a personal cheese pizza for an appetizer, don't get me wrong, it we amazing. Just stupid that they have to beef up the title like that.

We had to park in one of the handy Green P parking garages, however on the way out instead of having to put my ticket in the pay terminal, there was a ticket there already in the slot, and when I grabbed it the intercom turned on and a guy had asked if we had gone to see a movie.

After a LONG pause I responded "...............uh.....yes." and he let us go for free! Which is awesome because that parking can add up quick.

After helping Dayla with her homework we headed back to Marita's... she doesn't have a lobby key, nobody was showing up and about 20 minutes passed by. I was contemplating just dialing a random number as saying "Hey, it's me" and naturally the door will just open. At the 30 minute mark I just looked at the door and thought to myself "eh what the heck" pulled on the handle, and it was OPEN. It was open the WHOLE DAMN TIME.

Turkey Day

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You'd be surprised how many people still buy and trade games near holidays... Seriously people! Don't you have families?! Go spend time with them!

Gonna start buying a lottery ticket every week. Sick and tired of this non-disgustingly rich lifestyle. The funny thing is, I would so keep my job at EB Games as a part time associate. Take a chopper to work every day.

Less than a week until the wedding, I gotta get my suit at some point this week!

Random Picture to compensate for relatively short post:

Them BAILING Vultures

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So Thursday night I get a call, it ended up being
Bookie from 102.1 The Edge. On Wednesday I had been bored out of my mind in Inventory class and I decided to post on the petition to bring "Them Crooked Vultures" to the 102.1 The Edge studio at 228 Yonge.

Anywho, Bookie calls me and tells me that he picked 20 of the thousands that posted to come down to the studio and be there for the interview. Naturally I was stoked, unfortunately my significant other was working and one of my best friends was on the other side of the country... Thankfully I got a friend, Mike, who was equally stoked to accompany me on this adventure.

Took us about an hour to get there, 30 minutes of driving, 30 minutes of parking hunting. Got there really early, so we killed some time at the Eaton Centre. Visited the EB there, brought back some memories of the OC days. Also check out "Mind Games" which is an amazing store, so many snazzy things in there. We hit up the Jack Astors at Dundas square... and I didn't even know they HAD vanilla coke, where the hell have I been the last few years?!

So we lined up at the studio entrance around 4:30, we didn't even get in until 6:00, but it's ok, we got amazing spots to watch. At 6:30, Bookie announces that they are behind schedule and wanted to eat before coming down to the studio, naturally everyone was cool with it. 7:00 rolls around, and Dave Grohl calls the studio and says that they we're "unaware" that today was Canadian Thanksgiving and had been stuck in traffic coming from Detroit.

So they didn't even show! However, they promised they would be back and Bookie said he would call the same 20 people back. On the flip side I got Casby Awards tickets that I am taking Marita to. Should be fun!