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Finally! I got a copy of "Yours as fast as Mine" on my computer. I gotta say, these guys got some talent, anyone reading this please check them out! Worth a listen!! "The Main Drag"

For the record. Nothing is going to happy on 2012. Seriously, get over it.

Next week is my last week at the Pickering EB Games on Brock Road. Since the manager at the Whitby North store quit they decided to put Paul there, and, in turn, Paul is taking me with him, I am really excited about this, the staff I am going to be working with are all familiar faces and the store is alot more fast paced and busy. This is definitely a step forward. Not to mention that it's extremely close to my house, the money I'm going to save on gas and food from eating out will give me enough to join extreme fitness up the road. Stoked!

Thats all for now.

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