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Yes. Weddings.

Stephanie and Adrian are officially hitched!! As of right now they are in Hawaii enjoying they're honeymoon together.

I has a really great time, I'd have to say the most fun was the receiving line at the beginning, doing shots with everyone that was attending left me a little
woozy afterward, but I pulled through, didn't even get sick or anything.

Video attached is the dove release they did after the ceremony. Pretty neat, never seen one of those up close.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 yesterday, and seriously, if you haven't seen those movies, you must watch them back to back. I never had that luxury when I watched them in theater's... I really need to go see Zombie Land, and I want to take Marita to see Where the Wild Things are, apparently it's a really good redux of the original book, which is shocking because most remakes are absolute shit these days.

Casbys this week. Thursday!!! So stoked. Gonna try and get there as early as possible, need to get some sweet seats.

Really don't got much else to report. That's it for now.

Oh one more thing, don't give people your folded/crumpled money, it's so damn rude. So annoying...

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