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Title self-explanatory.

Yesterday was interesting. Went to BP with Marita. We got "pizza bread" for an appetizer, now really? Why don't they just call that shit "Cheese Pizza" because that's what it was. $6.99 for a personal cheese pizza for an appetizer, don't get me wrong, it we amazing. Just stupid that they have to beef up the title like that.

We had to park in one of the handy Green P parking garages, however on the way out instead of having to put my ticket in the pay terminal, there was a ticket there already in the slot, and when I grabbed it the intercom turned on and a guy had asked if we had gone to see a movie.

After a LONG pause I responded "...............uh.....yes." and he let us go for free! Which is awesome because that parking can add up quick.

After helping Dayla with her homework we headed back to Marita's... she doesn't have a lobby key, nobody was showing up and about 20 minutes passed by. I was contemplating just dialing a random number as saying "Hey, it's me" and naturally the door will just open. At the 30 minute mark I just looked at the door and thought to myself "eh what the heck" pulled on the handle, and it was OPEN. It was open the WHOLE DAMN TIME.

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