Wedding Bells

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Rehearsal dinner tonight.

Went to the church first, and I gotta say, whatever happened to just getting married in a Catholic church? Seriously, there's so many stupid rules and regulations. For example, one of Adrian's relatives was going to say a passage from the bible, but one of the church...staff? Found out that they weren't baptized in a Catholic church and dis-allowed her to read the passage. That's some bullshit right there, I mean, come on really? I got really annoyed when the staff kept saying it was sacred, and it would ruin the sanctity of the church. Get real lady, you know what destroys the sanctity of the church? Suggesting what people should donate.

Anyway, we went to "
Fish House" after for dinner with the bride and grooms parents, and the bridle party. Really cool place if your into seafood, it was a set menu, I was tempted to get ribs, but I figured, when do I really get the opportunity to have Halibut anyway?

The bridle party was given gifts after dinner, every Groomsman got the same thing. A tie, and cuff-links, however the cuffs had our initials engraved in them. Pretty sweet deal.

Anywho, Stats test tomorrow, gotta get some rest!

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