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Been so confused lately...

Midterms are over this week. (thank god) I did horrible on Economics. Inventory and Computers shouldn't be an issue and I have yet to do Purchasing (tomorrow) and Communications (Friday). Seeing how Purchasing is all true/false and multiple choice guess and our proff gave us all the answers to study with!

Last week we're the Casby awards and I want to upload pictures but I'm still waiting on a few from the digital camera I used, as soon as I get those pictures I'll upload everything, promise!

As for the awards, they we're really fun. Good sound by the Arkells, ill Scarlet, Metic, Mother Mother, and The Stills. All my style of music so I really enjoyed myself. The Koolhaus was a pretty neat place too, however I really regret predrinking somewhere earlier, the drinks we're very overpriced. Almost $8 for a CAN of Molsen Canadian, crazy. Overall, really good turn out.

On a side note, I'm getting really good at sniping in Call of Duty, just getting more and more stoked for the sequel next month. Apparently everyone's going to a club tonight with a 80s & 90s theme. I'm still not sure if I'm going.

Audible Sigh.

So much going on in November. People's Birthdays, Modern Warfare 2, New Weezer Album, New Foo Fighters Album. Looking forward to all of it!

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